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Truthtv A Conversation with Heritage Connection (Updated)

Truthtv A Conversation with Heritage Connection (Updated)
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Never mind the amateur video editing, this interviewer is absolutely horrible. Hmm...give me a minute so I can look for my next don't mind if I read it off my little notebook, do you?


I’ll restate what I posted over at the Knights of the Blood Stained Tree blog.

One thing that they were talking about in this interview is some nonsense about Christianity and its relationship to white people, but they are extremely incorrect.


The cute racist on the left said that white people are the people of God…as if to say that ONLY white people are people of God. Where is the scientific evidence for this? Where is her proof that black people are not children of God, that Asian people are not people of God? What scientific evidence points to only white people of being God’s children?


The cute racist continues to say that Christianity is in the soul of all white people. Well I’m white, and I had a deep conversation with my soul the other night over a cheese pizza, and he said there wasn’t any Christianity inside of him. This was verified when I went to the doctor and he listened to my soul with a stethoscope and couldn’t hear any Christianity. He also put my soul onto a monitor so we could see it together and there was no sign of Christianity there either. Because of this, I’d have to conclude that Christianity is NOT in the soul of ALL white people.


Then the same racist says that Christianity and white people go hand in hand. Perhaps she was never taught during all her home schooling that white people have been around for over a hundred thousand years, well before Christianity was ever invented, and I don’t believe these early white people worshipped Christ or God when they were still learning how to worship the Sun! And further more, how can anyone say such a thing when Jesus himself wasn’t even white!


Then the less cute, racist on the right seems to “verify” everything the cute racist said by making the claim that it’s always white people that bring Christianity to other countries and/or non-whites and is never the other way around. This is why you shouldn’t home school children, because she made a very incorrect and embarrassing statement. Jesus was not even white to begin with, which as you say, is easily verifiable and thoroughly proven. So from the very beginning, whites were learning about Christianity from other black/Arab/dark skin people! But further more, even today, you see plenty of black Christians going overseas preaching their religion. I used to go to an Asian church that originated in the Philippines that spread their religion here in the U.S.. So everything the less cute racist said is absolutely incorrect.


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@ Reply by: joemasters Date: 24-09-10

You speak of your opinions as though they were facts Mr. Masters.

I would not be so smug and arrogant about mantras that are spouted so often that they have become cliches.

Do you ever even study the arguments of those you debate?

I have studied every point you advocate sir, and only allude to things which I can prove.

I can see though that I shall have to link to this proof. If not for your benefit, for the benefit of those with an open mind.

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Joe, an "education" if you want to call it that in public school is hardly proven to be bedrock solid basis for the formation of your world view.

The girls are obviously not saying that exclusively white people and all white people are and can be Christians.

They're making the very valid point in so many words, that historically, people of European descent have by far been the most receptive to the gospel.

Until Europeans came along, other nations rejected the God of the Bible; the Western nations were the primary lands that had adopted and put into practice a Christian world view.

You assert that white people have been around for a hundred thousand or so years, and worhipped just about anything and everything else in so many words before God, and the advent of Christianity.

But you're assuming that A) What you're taught in school about the age of the earth is wholly true, and B) that when Christianity was first formed, with the advent of Jesus, that it was some brand new religion.

Jesus' teachings fulfilled and completed a belief system that had been around since the beginning of time. Men have always acknowledged a creator, and believed in God. (Granted, not all men, but my point is that Christianity isn't predated by anything. It's always been around, it just received a new name after the death and resurrection of Christ.)

You also very matter of factly imply that it is not even up for debate that Jesus was in fact not white.

But you must understand Joe, that you are making the common mistake here of looking at the world today, and assuming that so it has always been. There is considerable, however suppressed evidence that white men have built the great civilizations of the world (at least, most of them.) like Egypt and Persia throughout history. The darker skinned peoples that reside in many corners of the world today are the descendents of racially mixed couples, and are the products of such unions. Not the products of the original founders and builders of that civilization. Just because people in the middle east are darker skinned today, does not in any way prove that the people that originally settled there and built great cities and societies were the same.

Jesus was a direct descendent of Adam. The Hebrew word for Adam literally means "able to show red in the face."

We all know that names in the olden days all had profound meanings, that told those that understood them things about the people who bore them. Caucasion people are by far the most capable of showing red in the face because of their light colored skin.

If you don't agree with this, that's your prerogative. But the point is that there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Jesus was more than likely in fact, white.

The fact that it is perfectly acceptable to suggest Jesus was anything but white is indicative of the bane political correctness has been on our society.



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Reply by: joemasters
Date: 29-09-10

I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to say about public schools, but putting a child into a school where they learn about real science with a diverse group of people provides a much better education than a child who is home-schooled where they learn about fairytales and how to hate others.


The two racists were obviously implying that only White people were Christians. And even if it is historically accurate that people of European descent have been the most receptive to the gospel, that is nothing to be proud of as far as the white race is concerned. Christianity has been one of the most destructive and immoral religions ever invented by man. If so many White people bought into this garbage while other races have not, that only shows how stupid White people can be. Races like Asians and Orientals who have chosen more peaceful religions like Buddhism apparently are smarter than Whites, because more of them accepted a religion of hatred while more Asians accepted a religion of peace. So, being White because of being receptive to the gospel is nothing to brag about.


I don’t have to assume that what I am taught about the age of the Earth is true, we already know that it is. The age of our planet isn’t based on some guess. It has been tested an overwhelming number of times with an overwhelming amount of evidence to show that the Earth is billions of years old. Humans have been around for only a couple million years. Homo-sapiens have only been around for less than 200,000 years, and the white race has been around for even less a time. Us educated people, who didn’t grow up beating black people, screwing our sisters and learning how to shoot squirrels with ‘Pa, actually learned real things, scientific things that include how old our Earth is, how atoms, molecules, and compounds make up everything in our existence, and how evolution has shaped all creatures, including the white race that you’re so proud of today.


It is very well known that humans and early homo-sapiens worshipped other deities and engaged in other religions WELL before anyone evolved into the white race. Blacks and other dark-skinned people were among the first to partake in these kinds of lifestyles, and they had absolutely nothing to do with Judeo-related religion. Worshipping the Sun for instance, has nothing to do with the Christian god. We also know that when Judaism was invented, the inventors were dark skinned, and the lands in which Jesus was born and raised all were inhabited by the same kind of people. Jesus was black or dark skinned. It has nothing to do with political correctness, but the facts. You tell me that I “assume” things because I have a formal education, yet your belief that Jesus is white is based on an ASSUMPTION of the meaning of a name?!


You clod, the name “Adam” doesn’t mean “to show red in the face”. It means “of the red earth”. Adam’s name refers to the reddish clay or dirt that he was fictionally created from. I know that’s what ‘Ma told you, but that’s simply not the truth.


But forget that. Let’s suppose your statement is correct about Adam’s meaning, and that it means “able to show red in the face”. This argument fails on so many levels. You should be embarrassed. Please, white people aren’t that red at all. At most, an average white person’s skin is a bit pink. You look at the faces of Arabs, blacks, and South Pacific Asians and you will see a MUCH higher concentration of the color red in them. Seriously, are you kidding me? How could you actually believe this was a valid argument. Additionally, our white skin’s original pigment is WHITE, ghost white. The reason why we have some red in our skin which makes it look somewhat of a peach color, is due to the blood underneath and the way skin cells react to rays of the Sun. A very reddish face on a white person is obviously sunburned. Arabs, blacks, and South Pacific Asians’ skin pigment is actually colored with a red hue, not like our skin. Our skin isn’t colored at all silly.


And just for your information, the original name of Jesus was Yeshua, an Aramaic name, ancestral to the language of Hebrew, very non-white. But, in any case, your argument that Adam was white and that Jesus was white because he was a descendent is an epic fail. I can’t wait to show this to my other rational friends. They could use a laugh. I should thank you sir.


But seriously, how can you not think Jesus was black? He called everyone "brother", he liked gospel, he didn't get a fair trial, and was killed by the Roman KKK. By God, he was treated like a nigger!


Now, getting back to ancient religions. It is a well known and un-debatable fact that early humans engaged in various and different religions than Judaism and Christianity. There was nothing Jewish or Christian about worshipping the Sun. But, even if there was such a thing as sun worshipping in Christianity, it doesn’t mean that Christianity or it’s culture already existed. You are attempting to make the illogical argument that Christianity was just a new “name” for a religion that already existed in various ancient forms. Suppose ancient humans before Judaism believed that murder was wrong. You can’t just say that because of the Ten Commandments, that Judaism or Christianity existed all along because ancient people knew it was wrong to murder. Do you realize that you just argued for the true existence of EVERY religion? Islam can come along and say that their religion is just a fulfilled and completed belief system that has existed since the beginning of time, and is a new name. Therefore, Islam is the one true religion!


You are one to talk, saying that I am making the “common mistake” of looking at the world today and assuming that it has always been that way. In reality, it is completely the other way around. You are the one making that mistake. You already believe that the Earth is only a few thousand years old. I bet you believe that the way the continents are have always looked like that. I bet you didn’t know that the Earth used to have only one gigantic land mass, and over billions of years, it has separated into the continents that you are so familiar with today.


The reason why we know as to what races inhabited certain parts of the world at certain times isn’t based on any assumptions, especially the mistake of thinking the world is the same as it was back then. We know this based on indisputable evidence, ranging from fossils, documentation, artifacts, carbon dating, DNA, rock layers, and a whole bunch of other evidence that would bury and crush your falsehoods in an instant. There is no reasonable evidence to suggest that whites did all that you think they did. You are merely trying to make them seem more special and important than they really are.


You are extremely uneducated. Have you ever thought about what impact your falsehoods can have? Have you ever thought about going to school? I would recommend it. Do not freak if you get a teacher that’s black. Do not attempt to purchase him as a slave. Those days are over. I know it makes you sad, but you have to face the world as it is today. Instead of trying to be so proud of your race, something which you didn’t even have control of or even choose, be proud simply as a person, and try to unite people instead of trying to divide them. It’s okay if you’re more comfortable being around your own race, but stop being immature by trying to make up stories about the whites just to make yourself look more special than everyone else.


And you're right. I'd be a much nicer person if I followed Shelby and Charity's example and treated black people as second class citizens and didn't call them names like how their racist organization calls black poeple niggers. Good call.

Sorry about the background noise in this video.

Just in case you are curious though, there was a live broadcast of the AM radio talk show, Political Cesspool w/ James Edwards in progress just on the other side of the ball room.

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