TruthTV Reaches New Milestone: Half-Million!
  • Added: (2012-09-30 04:42:52)
  • Since its launch date, TruthTV has reached a new milestone:  We are now over 500,000 hits for the site!
    This is excellent news because it was an accomplishment back when we hit our
    10,000 hit milestone.  Keep in mind that TruthTV operates with no backers, no big advertisers, just the time, talent and treasure of its small but dedicated administrative staff. 
    Also keeping in mind that while we are hosting a media sharing site here, the content is hardly that which appeals to the masses in this day and age.  So it is beyond question to us that God is indeed blessing our efforts. 

    Thank you all for your participation and contributions thus far.  We will continue in the work that we are doing firmly resolved that we will not be swayed nor will we will not falter.  The site continues to weather the constant attacks and hacking attempts from many locales around the world and the site's creator has received multiple death threats, but this only confirms that we must be doing something right and that our labors are hitting a raw nerve. 

    Through whatever you as a viewer or contributing member of the site may be weathering in your personal life we would encourage you to hold fast and remember that we are to "
    proclaim liberty throughout all the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof."  
    And that we are to "publish the truth" as we are commanded in
    Jeremiah 50:2.   That's just a small part of what we're trying to do here, and truth crushed to earth will rise again. 

    In light of the lofty purposes for this site, we have confidence that God will continue to bless our efforts and increase the harvest in due season.  We look forward to seeing more of your participation and what content you guys can add to the site and we look forward to where God takes us from here, wherever that may be.