Inside Peaks at Internal Tweaks
  • Added: (2010-06-09 05:08:55)
  •       As is to be expected with any website in its formative days, there will inevitably be glitches.

    Thus far, the truthtv staff has been able to successfully troubleshoot most of them.

    Any difficulties that you have had uploading a picture of your choice to your profile should be a non issue now.


    The glitch in the system also, that would only allow for one line of a video description to show has been corrected.


    The glitch that requires to put a minimum 100,000 something sized picture up when you upload pictures is currently being tackled, and should be fixed soon.


    Jason just added a brand new fancy text editor to the site, so you can rather impressively format any text you post right here on the site, without having to use Word!

    As nice as this is,  we still recommend using word for your template, so that you won't lose your progress you have painstakingly made with a longer piece you may have invested a considerable amount of time in.  For one thing, if the window that you are typing your text into stays open too long, it will time out, and when you finally hit "submit" your newly completed document could not only not complete its upload to the site, but disappear altogether.  Take our word for it, the staff at truthtv is well-acquainted with such frustrations and agonies.


    The truthtv staff is constantly working to improve.  But if you have been experiencing a glitch of any kind that we have not yet addressed, in Moderator Blogs or news stories, than please let us know and we'll get on it ASAP.


    It is, as always, our hope that the site continues to run well and smoothly for you, and that you grow in knowledge and understanding as a result of our humble efforts through this webpage.  We remain optimistic about our rate of growth  and look forward to hearing the questions and concerns of our viewers. (That's you)